About our company

Botész was founded by 12 members in 1999. The number of members grew to 106 till today.

The main goal of the cooperation is to joint he farmers , protect their common interests and control sales and commercial conditions.

In the beginnning there were only elderberry growers as members of the coop, but with time the scope widened with other types of fruit growers eg: apricot, sourcherry, sweet cherry and seabuckthorn.
Our members cultivate elderberry on 760 hectars. We harvested 4100 tons in the year 2017.

Botész helps memebers with access of machines, tools and services. We organize professional events several times a year about the most recent horticultural topics. Durring harvesting season we are providing support 24/7 to be able to send the right quality fruits in the right form to the right delivery address to serve both our members and customers at the same time. We ensure that sales go secure and correct for all effected.

Besides selling to Hungary we also have commercial partners in Austria, the Netherlands and Latvia.

We can produce all kinds of cleaned levels and frozen berries.

Between 2014 and 2018 the cooperative set new goals such as being self supplied by machines, implementing irrigation systems and renew old plantations with common force. We have changed 500 hectars of elderberry, sourcherry, apple and walnut plantations during this period.
We appreciate the trust of our members towards the cooperative and its management. We make sure everyone knows, accepst and obeys the rules. We try to involve our members to how we operate to make sure they know this is more than a commercial bond.